Terry Ganey is a self-taught artist who loves to paint both the NC coastal and country worlds around her. From the farmhouse to the beach cottage, her work encompasses the southeastern NC beauty around her. Terry, a proud native of Wilmington, fell in love with art at an early age. From the time she could grasp one of those chubby elementary pencils in her hands and scribble on her desk (yes, in kindergarten she actually got in trouble for drawing on her desk) she already knew that she and art were simply meant to be.

 Because she combines the use of rich colors with intricate details to create her art, Terry loves working in vibrant acrylics and using the combination of watercolors and ink. She also enjoys periodically working with simple black ink and the graphite pencil because of the elegant and classic look it can produce.

   You can find Terry most days in her studio at The Artworks on Willard Street, which is in up and coming South Front District, located in downtown Wilmington.

     Terry is listed with the Wilmington Arts Council, and she is member of both the Wilmington Arts Association and the Oak Island Art Guild. 

  Terry, along with her hubby Andy, and their quirky furbaby, a Boston Terrier named Duke, currently reside here in Wilmington - a place where laid-back vibes and sweet Southern charm meet - something she wishes to prominently portray in her artwork.

Story of an Artist


Terry Ganey, Fine Artist

Story of the Art.

 A faint echo of history, the depth of an old soul, and the charm of the South - that is what I want as an artist to emphasize in my artwork. With the use of acrylics or the combination of watercolors and ink, I love to take the beauty that surrounds me in this area as my subject matter, and create art that will fill you with a longing to be a part of it. Here in NC, I am surrounded by rustic country landscapes, vibrant coastal seascapes, and other places that are steeped in rich history that I absolutely love.

   Because of the amount of pure heart and raw soul I pour into each complex detail in the artwork I create, I consider my art a very personal meditation.

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