If you have ever visited lovely Wilmington, NC, you may have heard of this little celebration called the "NC Azalea Festival". Well, being I am a Wilmington native, I know that this indeed is a HUGE celebration for us! We are talking days of celebrating with street fairs, celebs, garden tours, concerts, a big parade and a crowned queen to oversee it all. And this all takes place around the time that our beautiful azaleas here in the South are in full, glorious bloom during the springtime.
If you have had the pleasure of viewing azaleas in their full, gorgeous glory, then you know why I was inspired to capture their vivid beauty.
This distinct one is called a George Tabor Azalea, and you see them abundant in the Southeast. The original painting I did of this was done in watercolor and inks. This listing is for a print of my original art.

If you are interested in an original of this, please contact me - just click on the 'Request a Custom Order' button underneath the image of my art.

This print has been created on genuine Canon Semi-Gloss paper. Designed for quality and durability, the Semi-Gloss paper’s texture combines the best aspects of glossy and matte photo papers; it also avoids some of their pitfalls including glossy paper’s reflective glare and matte paper’s sensitivity to fingerprints. This paper also features a satin finish with a 91% ISO brightness that gives the artwork rich visual quality.

Features of the Canon Semi-Gloss Paper:

Basis Weight: 260 gsm
Thickness: 10.2 mil
Brightness: 91%
Surface Finish: Semi-Gloss

This art print is available in various sizes; it’s just perfect enough to provide a pop of color or a cool focal point, whether sitting in a frame on a coffee table, above a desk, or in a collage of art hanging on a wall.

*Please note that this is a reproduction print of the original artwork.

*Please note concerning color variation - the colors you see on your monitor may differ slightly from those of the print due to variations in monitor settings.

*Artist retains all rights to reproduction of any images. All Artwork is Copyrighted by the artist and the right to reproduce artwork does not transfer with the sale of the artwork. All rights reserved.

*Frame and mat not included

NC Azaleas; George Tabor Azalea - Reproduced Print of Original Art ($8-$18)