Lions are beautiful, yet dangerous, fascinating creatures.
This one in particular, is truly a king of the jungle who has earned his title, and bears the scars to prove it. I'm not talking about the physical scars on the outside, but the inner ones - the ones that you can see a shadow of in those weary eyes.


Using simple black Micron pens on starch white paper, I wanted to express what I saw in that battle-worn face, and those sad eyes.

This is reproduced art print of my original drawing, which was done in India inks with old-fashioned pens and nibs. (think calligraphy)

This work of art is available in various sizes of a Chromogenic Print, otherwise known as a C-Print, which is a reproduced photographic print of the original; it’s just perfect enough to provide a pop of color or a cool focal point, whether sitting in a frame on a coffee table, above a desk, or in a collage of fine art pictures hanging on a wall.

A C-Print is photographic reproduction of an artwork that is created on professional archival paper by a chemical process - the union of oxidized developer and the dye coupler from a colored dye; the end result being a beautiful, colorful copy of the original art.

The print is created on Kodak Professional Endura Premier Paper, which keeps color vibrant, and has a state of the art image stability, which means that these gorgeous prints will last at least a 100 years on display in the typical home setting.

*Please note that this is a reproduction print of the original artwork.

*Please note concerning color variation - the colors you see on your monitor may differ slightly from those of the print due to variations in monitor settings.

*Artist retains all rights to reproduction of any images. All Artwork is Copyrighted by the artist and the right to reproduce artwork does not transfer with the sale of the artwork. All rights reserved.

*Frame not included

The Old One - Reproduced Print of Original Art ($8-$18)